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At Jewelry Kingdom our goal is to find or design that exclusive piece, an individual will cherish and proudly display throughout their lifetime.

We pride ourselves with a near perfect 5-Star Powerseller Rating for customer service and product description on Ebay. Our username is jewelrykingdomhi .

100% Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, 14 day return policy.

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 Rare Exclusive Products
 Genuine Pre-ban Ivory Collectibles.

 Limited Products
 14k Gold Genuine Pre-ban Ivory Rings.

 Ivory Bangles
 A Tasteful Selection of Ivory Bangles.

The Fundamentals You Should Know
Before Buying Elephant Ivory Jewelry

 How to Tell Elephant Ivory from Plastic or Bone?
 Read Our Comprehensive Ivory Buying Guide

 Isn't Buying and Selling Elephant Ivory Illegal?
 View our Pre-Ban Fish and Wildlife Trade Documents.

 All Pre-Ban Ivory Is Legal within the USA.
 Ivory Can Be Sent Only to USA Addresses.